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WTF?! OFF-SEASON CAROLING! [Dec. 21st, 2008|12:33 pm]
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society
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[Current Location |Squirrel Hill]
[mood |mischievousmischievous]

Pittsburgh Cacophony Society

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Arrive by 7:00pm at:
6543 Northumberland St
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(Squirrel Hill)

Join us as we go a'caroling from house-to-house, singing songs that have nothing to do with the holiday season! Imagine the look on people's faces when they open their doors (and hearts) to such songs as "Here Comes Peter Cottontail", "In the Good Old Summertime" and "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"! Help us deliver a little WTF!? this season in true cacophony spirit!

Wear shorts, T-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, swim suits or other seasonally-inappropriate attire (if it's not too cold)!

RSVP to Noise at temp0718mm@rowdydow.com if you'd like your own song book to read from during the event and treasure as a souvenir for many seasons to come!

Here are the songs we'll be singing:

Here Comes Peter Cottontail:

In the Good Old Summertime:

Easter Parade:

Take Me Out To The Ball Game (chorus only):

Summer Breeze (first verse and chorus only):

Autumn Leaves:

Please forward this invitation to anyone you know who might be interested in attending!
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Pillow Fight Club 3! - Wed Aug 20 '08 @ 8:25pm SHARP! [Aug. 14th, 2008|09:54 pm]
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society
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[Current Location |Flagstaff Hill (Schenley Park)]
[mood |mischievousmischievous]

Pittsburgh Cacophony Society presents:

Pillow Fight Club 3

Wednesday, August 20 2008

Flagstaff Hill
One Schenley Park Drive
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

Wait for the Mystery Signal (Whistle at 8:25pm) and then come out swinging your pillow!!!

PJ s are optional but recommended!!!
Bring your own damned pillow (soft, no bricks).

1. You do tell everyone about PillowFight Club.
2. You do tell everyone about PillowFight Club.
3. If someone whines or has no pillow, you cannot hit them.
4. Everyone joins in the fight.
5. The one fight starts at the designated time - No earlier. (WAIT FOR THE MYSTERY SIGNAL)
6. No tar, no heavy things in pillows.
7. PillowFights will go on until they re done.

Free Outdoor Screening of the Movie Transformers at Dusk.

Please spread the word (but remember it s a secret to those that are wondering why you are in Pajamas, that s part of the Cacophony Charm). And do not hit unarmed civilians!!!
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SANTARCHY 2007 is THIS SATURDAY! [Dec. 6th, 2007|09:49 pm]
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society
Remember, this SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8 is SANTARCHY 2007! SANTARCHY will start at 2:00 pm at the fountain in the South Side Works and stumble forth throughout Pittsburgh. So throw on your jauntiest, sexiest, rattiest, pimpin'est, craziest holiday-themed outfit and join us for some cacophonous fun!

For full details, please refer to the original SANTARCHY posting.

Always remember the four rules of Santarchy:

(1) Don't fuck with kids.
(2) Don't fuck with cops.
(3) Don't fuck with security.

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SANTARCHY 2007 [Nov. 5th, 2007|10:32 pm]
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society
[mood |mischievousmischievous]

SANTARCHY 2007 will start at 2:00pm at the fountain in the South Side Works on Saturday, December 8, 2007. Same time and place as last year (and only a day earlier this year)! Remember that Santa is ON TIME until 2:00pm, at which point the herd will be sheparded toward its first watering hole and time loses all meaning. DO NOT BE LATE. If you can't be there by 2:00pm, you better have a backup plan for the day. A hundred red suits can disappear pretty quickly at the sound of alcohol pouring into glasses. Early Santas get a souvenir book of lewd carols to sing along the way. Late Santas get left behind.

YES, you MUST wear a costume. NO, you can NOT get by with a red shirt and Santa hat. BE CREATIVE, ya lazy bum! You don't have to look like Santa, but you MUST NOT look like you. Jeans, in particular, will be removed and destroyed without warning.

There will be less of a schedule this year than in previous years, and what little schedule there is, is subject to revision or abandonment at any moment. We're expecting a record number of Santas, elves, reindeer and other critters this year, and who knows what direction they might wander. Stick with the pack and you shouldn't get lost or hurt too badly. If you see more than one pack, stick with the biggest one. Or not. It's Santarchy, not follow-the-effing- leader. Santa is welcome pretty much anywhere he enters, except maybe Dee's.

Bring money for public transit, alcohol and food. Bring your ID, because even Santa gets carded these days. Stay hydrated, or at least stay liquored up. Pay your own tab and tip the staff like Santa would. Bars will be packed, lines will be long, and stops will be short. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN INEBRIATION.

(Santa does not advocate breaking open container laws. Santa's just sayin'...)

Don't be THAT Santa. Your friends want to have fun, not scrape the puke outta your beard or prevent your wasted ass from wandering recklessly into traffic.

Bring innocent toys to hand out to kids and naughty toys to give to adults. IT IS YOUR CIVIC DUTY TO MAKE PEOPLE WONDER WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

There will be more antics this year than in previous years. Be ready to be rambunctious and spend a lot more time drawing attention to ourselves. Remember that Santarchy isn't about the BARS, it's about the CRAWLS. We have some intentions, but if you have an idea for a prank or stunt along the way, JUST DO IT. Get other people to join you, to share the fun and spread the blame. Interact with passers-by as well as other Santarchists. .. they will probably appreciate it. But always remember the four rules of Santarchy:

(1) Don't fuck with kids.
(2) Don't fuck with cops.
(3) Don't fuck with security.

And add to that, don't get yourself into any trouble that you can't get yourself out of. Santa has a way of disappearing when the red and blue lights start flashing or the fists start flying. Don't expect a Santa Bouncer or Santa Lawyer to come running to your side, ya stupid prick!

*It might be alright to fuck with Santa, as long as it's not the real Santa. You are not worthy of his time, which is extremely precious in December. If you see him, bow down to his eminence and lick the reindeer shite off his boots.

Remember the answers to these frequently asked questions:

Q: Is this some sort of political statement?
A: No, it's fun. Remember fun?

Q: What are you protesting?
A: Shitty holiday parties.

Q: Who's in charge?
A: Santa!

Q: Which Santa?
A: The one with the beard.

Q: Which Santa with a beard?
A: That's it, you're on the naughty list.

Q: Where are you going?
A: Nobody knows but Santa.

Q: Can I join you?
A: Get into a costume and we'll talk.

Q: But I don't have a costume?
A: Buy us all a round of drinks and we'll talk.

If you manage to stay with the pack the whole afternoon and evening, and not get yourself beat up or arrested, you should finish up somewhere near Satan Square. I mean, Station Square. Same difference, if you think about it. Anyway, getting your fat Santa ass back to the South Side Works for your vehicle is your own damn responsibility, since the reindeer will be too drunk to pull the sleigh. Your best bet is to have someone drop you off at the starting point and take a cab home. Cabbies absolutely LOVE having drunk Santas as passengers, no matter what you've heard to the contrary.Tip them well. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Thanks to santarchy.com and santacon.com and the DC and NYC Santarchy/Santacons for some of this advice.
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Scooby dooby BOO! [Oct. 10th, 2007|08:54 pm]
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society
Scooby-Doo gang at Haunted House - Sat, Oct 13, 2007

Dress as your favorite character from Scooby Doo and join our excursion to the Demon house this Saturday. Meet outside the venue at 8pm. Any questions, or to find us (in case its not obvious) call Michelle at 415-235-8958.

Last-minute updates at:
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This Wednesday - Talk Like a Pirate Day [Sep. 17th, 2007|06:52 am]
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society
Directly from the mouth (hands?) of V, a grand plan for shenanigans this coming Wednesday:

Hello all you Cacophoniers!

Since time's a-wasting, I'm formally announcing that in honor of
International Talk-like-a-Pirate Day this Wednesday, September 19th
(see http://www.yarr.org.uk/), we'll be taking a voyage on Just Ducky
tours--in pirate style!

We'll be taking the 6PM tour from Station Square (125 West Station
Square Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15219), with a fee of $19. PLEASE MAKE
YOUR OWN RESERVATIONS NOW AT 412-402-DUCK. We'll be meeting in one
of the bars down there, in costume, between 5 and 5:45. Since I
haven't decided which is the most appropriate, I'll just say the HARD
ROCK CAFE for now and send out an announcement email if that
changes. I for one will certainly be up for yo-ho-hoing and a few
bottles of rum back at the Station Square bars after the tour wraps,
probably around 7pm (ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND).

Thank ye, and have ye a fine day.
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Reminder: TONIGHT! Pillow FIGHT! [Jul. 1st, 2007|10:05 am]
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society
8:30pm tonight, Sunday, July 1st, atop Flagstaff Hill in Schenley Park.

Wear your pajamas. Bring your pillow, your milk and cookies, and your pent up aggression.

Be there or be... far too mature for this type of silliness!
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And lo we shall rain feathery DOOM down upon them, and they shall curse the name of PILLOW FIGHT! [May. 21st, 2007|05:44 pm]
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society

[begin transmission]

Prepare yourselves, children of the midnight stories, dreamers of the downy chaos.. for soon, you shall have your chance to unleash EXTREME FEATHERY DOOM upon the heads of your enemies AND your compatriots!

Find yourself a pillow... nay, ten pillows! GIANT pillows of all dimensions and characters! Best with plenty of feathers bursting out of their woebegotten seams. Attire yourself appropriately, with special emphasis on pajamas with FEET.

Arrive at Flagstaff Hill in Shenley park by the hour of eight and thirty on Sunday evening the first of July, and proceed to beat the holy living crap out of anyone within arm's reach. With your pillow, that is.

Be there or be very, very sad.

Milk and cookies will be provided, you moochers.

[end transmission]

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I, for one, welcome our new supreme overlords.. [May. 21st, 2007|02:35 pm]
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society

The Pittsburgh Cacophony Society is dead.

Long live the Pittsburgh Cacophony Society!

-Your benevolent dictator of the moment

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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2007|01:04 pm]
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society
luchador bowling

it's that time of year again. with cinco di mayo coming up, we at the cacophony society decided this would be the perfect time to put on your luchador masks and go bowling!

may 4th at arsenal lanes, we're doing a combination of bowling and karaoke. wear nice clothes, business casual at least but a suit is preferred. masks may be bought at slacker's on the south side, or online.
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